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Ok I know someone on here has made a fake profile of me on Instagram. Changing the name so I can’t find you.. really ??? Wow be ya damn self .. And grow up.

Anonymous said: How do you make conversation with someone you just met

A simple hello will get things going, be yourself :)

Follow me on IG @ms.gonthier 😘

yachtclubpapi said: bruhhhhhhhh where are you from, you just have this look like 😍

☺️☺️ a tropical island called Seychelles

Anonymous said: Damn girl I didn't kno you had booty like that!!!!


Anonymous said: I never knew u could sing and look pretty!!! Do u have a youtube or something u do with ur voice?

Thank you ha. YouTube will be up soon :)

Anonymous said: U and misslaurenhard look like beyonce sometimes

Well thank you anonymous 😘